2017 Trip Details


South Luangwa National Park: Close encounters with elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, numerous native antelope species, and many more. Drives in open Land Cruiser, special opportunities for walking safari, night drives to see the animals active at night – with best chances for seeing big cats hunting, led by the outstanding guides for which the park is famous. Stay in comfortable lodge beautifully located over the Luangwa River, with delicious meals, and wild animals regularly walking through the grounds. Visit a nearby village and learn about local governance and conflicts between local communities and the parks.

“The Luangwa Valley National Park is possibly the last great wilderness in Africa that has not been spoiled by mass tourism.”
—Vic Guhrs, The Trouble With Africa

Hammer Simwinga, 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Africa.

Profound Transformational Experience

This trip truly opened my heart and mind and touched me deeply like no other. It feels transformational in a way I can’t yet fully express. I know I’ll continue to be affected by Open Heart Safari as I integrate these profound experiences into my life. A huge, heartfelt thank you! to Tom and Laura for organizing and facilitating the trip of a lifetime.

—Lizanne A., 2016 

Future Search Conference, Mukungule Nature Conservancy. Volunteering at visioning conference in northern Zambia for Zambia’s first community-led nature conservancy. This is a landmark event! Nearly all conservancies and park concessions in Africa are managed and owned by foreigners or white Africans, often brutally displacing local people. The Mukungule Conservancy, spearheaded by Goldman Environmental Award winner Hammer Simwinga, hopes to generate a new paradigm for involving local communities in conservation.  The conference itself will be a large visioning process—unprecedented in Zambia, we believe—involving participants from local communities, Zambian non-profits, the Zambian government and traditional chiefdoms. Witnessing this conference is a truly unique opportunity, and we believe will be a memorable, fascinating, rewarding experience. You can read more about the conservancy plans here: http://mukunguleconservancy.weebly.com

Magnificent and Moving

It’s such a crazy experience to see a wild leopard just a few feet from your jeep – it was so magnificent and moving, I almost cried.

—Katie H., 2012 

Lusaka. Two nights in Lusaka’s capital. Share singing, dancing, and stories with a women’s and youth community federation in an informal settlement, and meet with inspiring activists for conservation and social justice. Stay in comfortable accommodations in pleasant surroundings on outskirts of city.

Depth, Richness, and Fun

Although I was ambivalent about traveling in a group, I am completely convinced that any trip I could have planned on my own would not have had the depth, richness, or fun I experienced going with Open Heart Safari. Many thanks to Tom and Laura for truly providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

—Geri D., 2016 


Discounted rate of $4150 if sign up by Feb. 21.
All prices based on double occupancy.

Leopard at night.Included

All accommodations, meals, park fees, guide fees, all group activities, laundry, transportation–including 3 Zambia domestic flights and airport transfers on arrival and departure.  Extension includes charter flight to N. Luangwa and return flight to Lusaka.

Not Included

Transportation to and from Zambia (but we are happy to help you find the best flights), Zambia visa (obtainable upon arrival), vaccinations or other prophylaxis, trip insurance, drinks, tips.

This trip is a great value.

We have taken great efforts to find accommodations, transportation, and other facilities that provide the best value for the price.  And we have then negotiated the best possible rates.

You will stay in comfortable, often spectacular, accommodations; you will be well fed; you will be well taken care of.

To maintain an intimate group and wildlife viewing experience, the trip is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

A Major Life Transformation

The heart-opening activities were powerfully effective in opening my heart to a deep impactful experience of the wildlife, wilderness, and local communities we visited. Now at the end of the trip I feel a major transformation in my life has been catalyzed.

— David M., 2012