Brief Excerpts

“I still have a hard time finding words that are powerful and profound enough to describe my experience, though the phrases ‘life changing’ and ‘soul touching’ frequently appear….  I can’t imagine myself traveling any other way after this amazing experience.”
–Ling Z., 2014
“Did I tell you guys the safari was the most emotionally moving experience I’ve ever had? Well it was.”
–Red B., 2013
“A rich, life-changing journey…. This trip truly opened my heart and mind and touched me deeply like no other. It feels transformational in a way I can’t yet fully express. I know I’ll continue to be affected by Open Heart Safari. I feel so much gratitude to you Tom and Laura for organizing and facilitating such an amazing trip, the trip of a lifetime.”
–Lizanne A., 2016
“Best trip of my life…. The trip exceeded any expectation I could possibly have had…. Thank you Tom for this greatest of gifts.”
–Denise J., 2016
“This trip more than any other is one that I cherish and remember with joy and fullness….  It’s a sacred trip.  You get to know people deeply quickly, and get to know things from the heart.”
–Eleanor D., 2014
“OHS is much more than a safari…. I felt in communion with the Universe and with my inner soul in a way that even today helps me get through the day when I am sitting in traffic or having a hard day at work.”
–Anna P., 2015
“I just want to express my gratitude to you for running this trip and inviting me to be part of it.  It has had a very profound impact on me….  I am still deeply affected and unusually open to whatever is and whatever comes next ….  Now at the end of the trip I feel a major transformation in my life has been catalyzed.
A year later: ” Remembering our time in Zambia still reliably brings me to a more peaceful, grateful, grounded state.”
–David M., 2012
“A spiritual journey in Africa.”
–Sheila O., 2014
“This was such a deep and moving experience for me….  It’s hard for me to imagine that we could have had as rich and full an experience without the insights, guidance, connections and organization offered by Tom and Laura.”
–Liz B., 2014
“Open Heart Safari … far surpassed any thoughts I had of what the trip might be like. …[T]he connections and experiences Tom was able to create … was life changing…. It was eye-opening and heart-opening and amazing in every possible way…. I am completely convinced that any trip I could have planned on my own would not have had the depth, richness, or fun I experienced going with Open Heart Safari. Many thanks to Tom and Laura for truly providing a once in a lifetime opportunity. I feel incredibly grateful, and I don’t say that in a light way.”

–Geri D., 2016

“Truly an exceptional and amazing experience. Every piece of the trip exceeded any expectations I may have had. Every day I thought: wow, the last day was so awesome, what could this day hold? — and there was some other awesome thing. …Tom helped us break through the tourist veil to engage in a more authentic way. For us that made the trip unforgettable.”
–Justine R., 2016

“Tom and Laura really care about Africa and they care about you having an authentic experience of it.  Every game drive, every meeting, every encounter, is infused with their enthusiasm and heart ….  Open  Heart Safari will change your life in subtle and profound ways.
–Jean B., 2013

“My wife and I have taken a lot of great trips together, and this was probably the best one ever. I expected to see natural beauty and to be wowed by the various African wild animals, but each day there were surprises and wonderment that surpassed my anticipations.”
–Rich N., 2016

“When I reflect on my experiences traveling with Open Heart Safari it is with wonder, amazement and gratitude. I was humbled, awe-inspired, touched at an emotional level I haven’t experienced on other trips. The entire trip was filled with moments where I thought, this is the ultimate, it can’t get any better and then I turned my head and something else filled my senses.”
–Melanie L., 2016

“Open Heart Safari to Zambia was wonderful beyond my expectations… The combination of the safaris and Tom’s personal connections and development of relationships in Zambia – I think that’s really special…. This was a truly memorable experience (and at an affordable price!).”
–Varya S., 2016

“An amazing trip which created memories I will cherish for a long time.”
–Carol S., 2016

 “Visiting Africa was extremely powerful…. Tom and Laura understand and embrace Africa in a deep way that I don’t think you can find on a standard commercial safari.”
–Barbara S., 2015
“I really do feel that we all opened our hearts, and that this is a really a different and unique way of experiencing the southern part of Africa, the animals, the people, the culture…. I continue to be affected by the trip.”
–Deni H., 2015

“Open Heart Safari allowed me to get so much more out of this trip than I ever have traveling anywhere else, even though I go off the beaten path of tourism wherever I go.  This was as deep an immersion as we could have in the time we had.”
–Lissa K., 2015
 “I am forever grateful to Tom for so carefully putting together a journey that surpassed anything I could have imagined.”
–Renee B., 2014
“It was more, much more than I anticipated or expected.  Thank you all for experiences to ponder this lifetime.  Overflowing heart.”
–Jeanne R., 2014
No other trip compares. I got to connect with the people and the animals on a level that I couldn’t have anticipated….  Thank you Tom and Laura for all your efforts, beautiful dispositions and open hearts!!!”
–Rachil W., 2014
I want to thank you Tom and Laura for really putting together a thoughtful interaction with the environment and culture. I want you to know I had an incredible time….  How I relate to my world has changed.”
–Dove R., 2013
” It was amazing to watch the wildlife and meet the people, and to experience that in a community that was a safe container with committed people. It was so satisfying and fulfilling. I was just blown away.”
–Scott W., 2014
” Thanks to my trip with Open Heart Safari I’ve felt a connection to the earth and to other fellow earthlings that leaves me with something very, very peaceful and very still.”
–Jeanne T., 2014
” Thank you for convening this amazing experience….  The trip the two of you convened is, I think, a way of experiencing Africa in a really rare way….  Your open hearts invited us to open our hearts to the people, land and one another – in addition to the beautiful wildlife.  This experience has indelibly changed me.”
–Bonnie W., 2014
The safari experience exceeded our lofty expectations. South Luangwa National Park is teeming with incredible animals — so abundant, varied, natural and free, beautiful, graceful, powerful, funny, accessible and exciting….  What sets this safari apart, though, is the human interaction, both with the local people and with our travelling companions.”
–Steve H., 2012
For me the trip was invaluable.  I am changed and grateful….  I would follow Tom Bennigson anywhere.”
–Patti B., 2013
It’s such a crazy experience to see a wild leopard just a few feet from your jeep – it was so magnificent & moving, I almost cried….  This really is a once in a lifetime experience, and I really think going with Tom and Laura is the best way to do it.   I was able to experience Africa on a deeper, more meaningful level.”
–Katie H., 2012