Open Heart Safari | Zambia

A safari in the African bush is an experience like no other.

Open Heart Safari is a safari like no other.

Join Us On Our Next Trip: July 18 – 31, 2015

Optional Extension to Victoria Falls & Botswana: July 31 – August 4
Space limited to 10 participants.


What did you do on your summer vacation? Did you…

  • Track lions and leopards on foot?
  • Converse with tribal elders in a traditional African rural village?
  • Practice yoga, surrounded by the calls of hundreds of species of wild birds and the other unique sounds of the African bush?
  • Share the joy of African youth as you volunteered at a community center?
  • Notice an elephant stroll by your bedroom window?
  • Meet inspiring, award-winning conservationists?
  • Float lazily downstream past exotic shorebirds, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and more.
  • Reflect deeply on exciting new experiences with new friends in a conscious, open-hearted community?
  • Drift safely off to sleep to the night music of hippo grunts, hyena whoops, and lion roars?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you probably did not participate in OpenHeart Safari Zambia.

Come with us to Zambia, and experience the magnificent wildlife of Africa without the crowds. An inspiring, transformational journey in one of the most welcoming parts of Africa. 

Emotionally Moving

The safari was the most emotionally moving experience I’ve ever had. [read more]

- Red B., 2013

Open Heart Safari seeks to offer something different from conventional safaris. We approach the magnificent animals and their habitats in a spirit of reverence, and approach the people and their culture with respect and interest. We travel in a small, intimate group, regularly reflecting together on our experiences, and restoring ourselves with simple yoga (with instruction for all levels). Our capacity to be moved by the land, wildlife, and people we encounter will be deepened through simple mindfulness practices that expand our awareness, enliven our senses, and open our hearts. Prepare to be profoundly impacted.

Our Two-Week Trip Includes:

South Luangwa National Park. Four days in “one of Africa’s best [parks] in terms of wildlife abundance”1 but without the crowds of tourists encountered in the major parks of South Africa or Kenya. Highlights include some of the best wildlife guides in Africa, opportunities for ‘walking safari,’ night drives–where leopards and other night predators are often seen in action, and an all-day drive to a remote sector of the park.

Africa’s Last Great Wilderness

The Luangwa Valley National Park is possibly the last great wilderness in Africa that has not been spoiled by mass tourism.

- Vic Guhrs, The Trouble With Africa

Kafue National Park. Four days in an isolated section of one of the largest parks in all of Africa. Opportunities to track lions on foot with noted lion expert Chris McBride, who has studied lions for 30 years and authored 3 books about them. Wildlife viewing from a boat on the Kafue River, floating by hippos, crocs, and exotic shore birds. Opportunity to overnight at an even more remote ‘fly camp’ in roadless area of park.

A Sacred Trip

This trip more than any other is one that I cherish and remember with joy and fullness… It’s a sacred trip. You get to know people deeply quickly, and get to know things from the heart. … [read more]

— Eleanor D., 2014

A glimpse of Zambian life. We spend a day and night in a traditional rural Zambian village, learning about and sharing in village life, and a day in a poor urban neighborhood, meeting with community members and getting a taste of modern urban Africa.

Increased understanding of African wildlife conservation. We learn about conservation from a variety of perspectives: from heroic activists (including a Goldman Award winner) working on the front lines of conservation, from an elder of a tribe displaced by conservation efforts and from members of a community board charged with wildlife management.

Contemplative Practices. Our experience of the African bush is heightened as we open up our awareness and deepen our sense of wonder through simple mindfulness practices, yoga, and regular opportunities to reflect on our experiences in group sharing circles.

Throughout we stay in comfortable, esthetically pleasing accommodations, with all meals (delicious and plentiful) and transportation (comfortable and safe, including four domestic flights) provided. Thanks to careful research and negotiations, this trip is a great value.

Optional Extension in 2015:
Victoria Falls & Botswana’s Chobe National Park. 

Deep and Moving

This was such a deep and moving experience for me. … I treasure the fact that I took the chance on this trip. … [read more]

- Liz B., 2014

See Victoria Falls, one of the “seven natural wonders of the world.” Our stay includes a special sunrise visit to the Falls.  We then spend two days in Chobe’s Riverfront area, famous for its tremendous herds of buffalo and elephant, as well as opportunities to see rare antelope species, and get close to lions and other predators.

1 Audubon Field Guide to African Wildlife