IN LIKE A LION: Movement-Based Workshop

For those who can’t make it to Africa this summer, Open Heart Safari is pleased to present… 

A Movement-Based Workshop with Laura Paradise
Sunday, March 30: 2-4pm

Many of us are moved by animals.
Being in the presence of wild animals may stir the wild animal inside us.
We may have identified an animal ally or sense a kinship to specific animals.
Or, we may want to cultivate a greater sense of our own animal spirit.

“March comes in like a lion,” they say.  What better time to explore your relationship to some of Africa’s animals and touch your own animal spirit?  In Like a Lion is a studio-based event that integrates movement, play on two- and four-legs, sound, and drawing.  We will use the pulse and sounds of the African bush and the movements of African wildlife as the context for connecting with our own aliveness. 

Sunday March 30, 2-4 pm
East Bay Dance Center, 1318 Glenfield, Oakland
Suggested donation $20
To reserve your spot, email

Laura Paradise is a certified life coach who facilitates personal and professional growth with a unique approach that draws on expressive arts and Authentic Movement. With her husband Tom, she has been co-leading Open Heart Safari to Zambia for the past three years. 

“I still feel taller, more confident and quite peaceful from our movement session.”

“The movement workshop was very healing to me. The exercises that we did were enlightening and motivated me to take action. Since then, I’ve been stepping away, stepping out and stepping it up a notch.”

The best way to travel to Africa is with an Open Heart!
Join us to learn what touches you.
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