More than a vacation!

Carol S., Berkeley, CA, 2016

This was definitely more than a vacation! I had thought about an African safari for a while, but this was the first one I learned about that made me feel excited enough to dedicate a good chunk of savings. The trip ended up surpassing my expectations – I loved this itinerary. I thoroughly enjoyed all the parts that originally attracted me, including the day and night wildlife viewing (in jeeps and on foot) with great guides, including Tom who brought several books along about the plants, birds and animals we would be seeing. Interactions with citizens of Zambia – such as a chief of a tribe, University PhDs who were experts on conservation and the environment, and youth and adult leaders from a township – and staying in national parks that were less crowded and in smaller, non-corporate accommodations were also pluses.  Thank you Tom for your great planning and good humor, and to Laura and my fellow travelers for making this an amazing trip which created memories I will cherish for a long time.  After seeing how essential a community waterbore is to having access to clean water, I am inspired to raise funds with my fellow travelers and alumni of OHS to build a waterbore in one of the communities we visited in Zambia   You are cordially invited to join us in supporting this worthy project!


–Carol S., Berkeley, CA, 2016