Why Travel With Us?

What makes this trip special?

The wildlife encounters will be of unusually high quality. We will enjoy:

  • A remarkable abundance of wildlife
  • A genuine bush experience far from crowds of tourists
  • Wild animals viewed on foot and from a boat, not only from the confines of a land vehicle
  • Night drives, affording opportunities to see leopard and other seldom seen nocturnal species
  • The knowledgeable, rigorously trained wildlife guides for which Zambia is celebrated.

Zambian students learning how to track radio-collared lions

Opportunities for getting to know and learning with native Zambians will make our experience even more memorable. We will spend meaningful time, in volunteer work and in play, with local people in a traditional rural village and in a poor urban settlement. We will learn about the moving story of African wildlife conservation from inspirational leaders, who can tell us about uplifting successes and present dangers, as well as the troubling shadow side of conservation (native peoples driven from their lands and livelihoods) and, on the other hand, innovative policies that support local control and harmony with the natural environment. 

Our appreciation of the magnificence of the land, wildlife, and people we encounter will be deepened through simple mindfulness practices that expand our awareness, enliven our senses, and open our hearts. There will be time for meditation, yoga, movement, poetry reading, structured personal sharing, and journaling. Our time together as fellow travelers will be enriched as we create a conscious community, guided by fun, open-hearted leaders with a passion for African wildlife and a deep commitment to pursue authentic experience and relating.