Zimbabwe | July 2016


African Culture and Nature

Lions. All photos copyright © Tom Bennigson/Open Heart Safari.A unique opportunity.  If you want to take time to really get a taste of the challenging, yet joy-filled life of a rural African village, spend time getting to know villagers, participate in their everyday routines, sing, dance, discuss cultural differences, conservation, economic development, gender roles, you name it, this is the trip for you.

Deep Immersion

Open Heart Safari allowed me to get so much more out of this trip than I ever have traveling anywhere else, even though I go off the beaten path of tourism wherever I go.  This was as deep an immersion as we could have in the time.

— Lissa K., 2015

After four days in the village, we have four days of incredible wildlife viewing from vehicle, on foot, and from your balcony, at world-famous Hwange National Park (one of the largest in Africa).  And finally a visit to magnificent Victoria Falls.  For those for who want a bit more wildlife, there is a 3-day extension to Chobe National Park (yes, it’s also world-famous) in Botswana.  This is our most budget-friendly trip.

Group of Women

Principal Trip: July 17–29

Mazvihwa:  4 days in village in south central Zimbabwe.  A rare opportunity to experience African village life.  Stay in the homes of local villagers, participate in everyday tasks, with lots of time for group activities, including in-depth conversations about what we are most interested in learning about and from each other.  We will be hosted by Muonde Trust, a unique community organization making impressive strides to improve living conditions through home-grown research and innovation.

Open Hearts

Your open hearts invited us to open our hearts to the people, land and one another – in addition to the beautiful wildlife.  This experience has indelibly changed me.

— Bonnie W., 2014

Hwange National Park: 4 days to see incredible quantity and variety of wildlife in one of Africa’s largest parks. Wildlife viewing drives in and outside park, walking safari.  Accomodations over-looking a water-hole.  Sit on your balcony and watch elephants, antelopes, and much more.

Victoria Falls: Special early morning visit to one of “the seven natural wonders of the world.”  The Falls are even more spectacular when viewed from the Zimbabwe side.

Click here for full itinerary.

Elephant. All photos copyright © Tom Bennigson/Open Heart Safari.Optional Botswana Extension: July 29–Aug. 1

Chobe National Park: Famous for tremendous herds of buffalo and elephant, opportunities to see rare antelope species and get close to lions and other predators.  Watch the sun set over herds of elephant and a chorus of wild birds on boat cruise down the Chobe River.  Spend two nights at comfortable lodge in the park, and one night outside park.

A Major Life Transformation

The heart-opening activities were powerfully effective in opening my heart to a deep impactful experience of the wildlife, wilderness, and local communities we visited. Now at the end of the trip I feel a major transformation in my life has been catalyzed.

— David M., 2012


Principal Trip: $2550.
Botswana Extension: $800
All prices based on double occupancy.


Giraffes! All photos copyright © Tom Bennigson/Open Heart Safari.Included

All accommodations, meals, park fees, guide fees, all group activities, transportation.

Not Included

Transportation to and from Africa (but we are happy to help you find the best flights), Zimbabwe visa (obtainable upon arrival), vaccinations or other prophylaxis, trip insurance, drinks, tips.

Deep Connections

I got to connect with the people and the animals on a level that I couldn’t have anticipated.

— Rachil W., 2014

This trip is a great value.

We have taken great efforts to find accommodations, transportation, and other facilities that provide the best value for the price.  And we have then negotiated the best possible rates.

You will stay in comfortable, often spectacular, accommodations; you will be well fed; you will be well taken care of.

To maintain an intimate group and wildlife viewing experience, the trip is limited to a maximum of 13 participants.